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Turkey Initiates The Third Anti-Dumping Sunset Review Investigation Against China-Related Steel Wire Ropes And Steel Cables

On July 10, 2021, the Turkish Ministry of Trade issued Announcement No. 2021/35, in response to the application of Turkish domestic manufacturers, to start the third for steel wire ropes and steel cables (Turkish: demirveyaçeliktenhalatlarvekablolar (kapalıhalatlardahil)) originating in China and Russia. The anti-dumping sunset review was filed for investigation. The Turkish tax codes of the products involved are 7312., 7312., 7312., 7312. and 7312.

  Stakeholders should submit the questionnaire within 37 days of the announcement.

   Contact information of the investigating agency (Turkish Ministry of Trade):






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   On June 3, 2004, Turkey initiated an anti-dumping investigation against steel wire ropes and steel cables originating in China and Russia. On December 1, 2004, Turkey made an affirmative final ruling in the original anti-dumping trial against the products involved in China and Russia (see Turkish Announcement No. 2004/24). On July 21, 2010, Turkey made the first anti-dumping sunset review affirmative final ruling on the case (see Turkish Announcement No. 2010/22). On July 14, 2016, Turkey made the second anti-dumping sunset review affirmative final ruling on the case (see Turkish Announcement No. 2016/31)


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