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Tata Steel'S "Roadmap+" Environmental Improvement Program Launched

On December 8, Tata Steel's Roadmap+ program was launched.

This is a €300 million environmental improvement program aimed at reducing pollutant emissions at Tata Steel’s Emmeriden plant in the Netherlands.

The Roadmap+ program is accompanied by a progress report on Tata Steel’s 2030 Sustainability Roadmap program. The report covers 25 projects with the primary objective of improving Tata Steel’s environmental performance.


Tata Steel'S "Roadmap+" Environmental Improvement Program Launched

Under Roadmap+, Tata Steel will invest 150 million euros in a denitrification plant at its pellet mill in Emmeriden, the Netherlands, with the aim of reducing emissions of nitrogen oxides and heavy metal particles by more than 90 percent. Tata Steel will also invest €50 million in a coke plant renovation that will reduce irritant gas and particulate emissions.

Tata Steel will invest in equipment and technology to accelerate the creation of cleaner plants by advancing the retrofitting and upgrading of the converter de-dusting system and a significant reduction in emissions such as dust and particulate matter.


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