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Tata Steel India Resumes Full Production

Tata Steel has resumed full production as demand for steel in the Indian domestic market is gradually recovering.

T.V. Narendran Tata Steel, managing director of Tata Steel, said that the demand for steel in India picked up in the second quarter, driven by some positive factors. Currently, the company’s automotive sector and household appliance manufacturers customers steel demand has increased.


Tata Steel India Resumes Full Production

As previously reported, Tata Steel and other steel producers in India had to suspend up to 50% of their production capacity in April this year due to restrictions on the fight against the new crown pneumonia outbreak.

Tata Steel’s capacity in India (including Tata Steel BSL) exceeds 23 million tons/year of crude steel, 24 million tons/year of billet semi-finished products, 12 million tons/year of hot rolled coils, 5.5 million tons/year of cold rolled coils, more than 1 million tons/year of coated products, 2.5 million tons/year of long products and 828,000 tons/year of welded pipes.


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