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Promoting Global Cooperation Is Critical To A Low-Carbon Future

Speaking at a Rio Tinto-hosted Clean Development Forum on the theme “Towards a low carbon future”, Rio Tinto’s Head of Strategy Xavier Chabot said that promoting global cooperation is essential for a low carbon future.

The forum, one of the British Embassy’s official events in Japan, was originally scheduled for February, but was postponed due to the Newcastle pneumonia outbreak, and was eventually held online. Representatives from British and Japanese government departments and related companies shared measures to address climate change from different perspectives, including policies, products, and technologies.

Promoting Global Cooperation Is Critical To A Low-Carbon Future


Xavier Scharbo said at the forum that climate change brings unprecedented challenges but also opportunities. As a producer of materials essential to the development of human society, Rio Tinto is well prepared for the transition to a low-carbon future. Rio Tinto’s goal is clear: to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Rio Tinto is committed to a further 15% reduction in absolute carbon emissions and a further 30% reduction in carbon intensity by 2030. And since 2008, Rio Tinto has already reduced its carbon emissions by 46%.

“This is a daunting task. Not only do we need to accelerate the development of new technologies, but we also need to work together with our partners around the world. At present, Rio Tinto has not fully addressed the complexities of moving to a low carbon economy, but we are confident that we can be a player in addressing climate change and play a role in tackling the challenge of climate change.” Xavier Scharbo said.


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