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Our Steel Number Expression Method

A. Overview of China's steel number expression method

Steel number for short, is the name taken for each specific steel product, is a common language for people to understand the steel. China’s steel number, according to the national standard “Steel Product Grade Method” (GB221-79), using the hanyu pinyin letters, chemical element symbols and Arabic numerals combined method of expression. That is.

① The chemical elements in the steel number are expressed by international chemical symbols, such as Si, Mn, Cr ……, etc. Mixed rare earth elements with ” RE ” (or ” Xt “) said.

② product name, use, smelting and pouring methods, etc., generally using the abbreviated letters of Hanyu Pinyin, see table.

③ steel in the main chemical element content ( % ) using Arabic numerals.

Table: GB standard steel number used in the abbreviated letters and their meanings

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