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High frequency welding characteristics

1. because the current is highly concentrated in the welding area, the heating speed is very fast, so the welding speed can be as high as 150 ~ 200m/min.

2. because the welding speed is fast, the welding part self-cooling effect is strong, so not only the heat affected zone is small, but also not easy to oxidize, so the weld structure and performance are very good.

3. the surface of the weldment can not be cleaned before welding, thus improving the efficiency.

4. can weld a wide variety of metal, product shape specifications.

Common welding wire

▲GMT-SKD11 >  0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 56~58 welding repair cold steel, metal stamping die, cutting die, tool, forming die, workpiece hard surface production with high hardness, wear resistance and high toughness of argon electrode, welding repair before heating, otherwise easy to produce cracking phenomenon.

▲GMT-63 degree knife-edge welding wire > 0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 63~55, mainly used in welding broach die, hot working high hardness die, hot forging die, hot punching die, screw die, abrasion resistant hard surface, high-speed steel, knife edge repair.

▲GMT-SKD61 >  0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 40~43 welding zinc, aluminum die-casting die, with good heat resistance and crack resistance, hot gas die, aluminum copper hot forging die, aluminum copper die-casting die, with good heat resistance, wear resistance, crack resistance. General hot die casting mold is often cracked turtle shell, most of which is caused by thermal stress, but also caused by surface oxidation or corrosion of die casting raw materials, heat treatment to the appropriate hardness to improve its life, hardness is too low or too high are not applicable.

▲GMT-hs221 tin brass welding wire. Features: HS221 wire contains a small amount of tin, silicon special brass wire, used for brass gas welding and carbon arc welding, but also widely used in brazing copper, steel, copper-nickel alloy. The welding methods for copper and copper alloy welding wires are argon arc welding, oxygen-acetylene welding and carbon arc welding.

▲GMT-hs211 has good mechanical properties. Argon arc welding of copper alloys and MIG brazing of steel.

▲GMT-hs201, HS212, HS213, HS214, HS215, HS222, HS225 copper welding wire.

▲ GMT-1100, 1050, 1070, 1080 pure aluminum welding wire. Features: Pure aluminum welding wire for MIG and TIG welding. The welding wire has a good color ratio after anode treatment. Suitable for power applications, corrosion resistance is very good, excellent conductivity. Use: ship sports equipment electric power

▲GMT- semi-nickel, pure nickel wire electrode

▲ GMT-4043, 4047 aluminum-silicon welding wire. Performance characteristics: Used for welding 6*** series base material. Weak sensitivity to thermal cracking, used in welding forging and casting materials. Applications: ships, locomotives, chemicals, food, sports equipment, molds, furniture, containers, containers, etc.

▲ GMT-5356, 5183, 5554, 5556, 5A06 aluminum magnesium welding wire. Performance characteristics: This kind of wire is specially designed for welding 5*** series alloy and filling alloy chemical composition close to the base metal welding. It has good corrosion resistance and color compatibility after anodizing. Uses: Used in bicycles, aluminum scooters and other sports equipment, locomotive carriages, chemical pressure vessels, ordnance production, shipbuilding, aviation, etc.

▲GMT-70N >  0.1 ~ 4.0mm welding wire features and uses: high hardness steel bonding, zinc-aluminum die casting crack, welding reconstruction, pig iron/cast iron welding repair. Can be directly surfacing a variety of cast iron/pig iron materials, can also be used as a mold crack welding, the use of cast iron welding, as far as possible to low electric discharge, with a short distance arc welding, part of the steel preheating, heating after welding and slowly cooling.

▲GMT-60E>  0.5 ~ 4.0mm characteristics and uses: special welding high-tensile steel joint, hard surface production of the base, crack welding. High strength welding wire, containing high nickel chromium alloy composition, professional for anti-cracking bottom welding, filling with the bottom, strong tensile force, and can repair the crack phenomenon of steel welding. Tensile strength: 760 N/mm² Elongation: 26%

▲GMT-8407-H13 >  0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 43~46 die-casting die for zinc, aluminum, tin and other non-ferrous alloys and copper alloys, which can be used as hot forging or stamping die. With high toughness, wear resistance and good hot melt corrosion resistance, high temperature softening resistance, high temperature fatigue resistance is good, can weld hot punch, reamer, mangle knife, grooving knife, scissors... When doing heat treatment, it is necessary to prevent decarbonization, and the hardness generated by hot tool steel welding is too high.

▲GMT- Anti-burst primer welding wire > 0.5 ~ 2.4mm HB~300 high hardness steel bonding, hard surface production of the base, crack welding. High strength welding branch, containing high nickel chromium alloy composition, used for anti-crack bottom welding, filling base, strong tensile force, and repair steel crack welding reconstruction.

▲GMT-718 >  0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 28~30 Large household appliances, toys, communications, electronics, sports equipment and other plastic products die steel. Plastic injection mold, heat resistant mold, corrosion resistant mold, good machinability, flower corrosion, excellent surface luster after grinding, long service life. Less prone to poor fusion and other defects.

▲GMT-738 >  0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 32~35 Semi-transparent and need surface gloss plastic product die steel, large mold, product shape complex and high precision plastic die steel. Plastic injection mold, heat resistant mold, corrosion resistant mold, good flower corrosion, excellent processability, easy cutting polishing and electrical corrosion, toughness and wear resistance.

▲GMT-P20Ni >  0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 30~34 plastic injection mold, heat resistant mold (cast copper mold). Designed with alloy composition with low welding cracking sensitivity, containing about 1% nickel, suitable for PA, POM, PS, PE, PP, ABS plastics, with good polishing, no pores, cracks after welding, good finish after grinding, after vacuum degaging, forging, pre-hardening to HRC 33 degrees, uniform hardness distribution of cross section, Mold life of more than 300,000. Less likely to produce poor fusion and other defects.

▲GMT-NAK80 >  0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 38~42 plastic injection mold, mirror steel. High hardness, excellent mirror effect, good discharge processing, excellent welding performance, after grinding, smooth as a mirror, for the world's most progressive, the best plastic mold steel, adding easy cutting elements, cutting and processing is easy, with high strength toughness and wear resistance without deformation characteristics, suitable for a variety of transparent plastic products of the mold steel. When the preheating temperature is 300~400℃ and the thermal temperature is 450~550℃, the backward welding method is used for multi-layer welding repair, which is less likely to produce poor fusion and other defects.

▲GMT-S136 >  0.5 ~ 1.6mm HB~400 plastic injection mold, corrosion resistance, good permeability. High purity, high mirror degree, good polishing, excellent rust and acid resistance, less heat treatment variation, suitable for PVC, PP, EP, PC, PMMA plastic, corrosion resistance and easy to work modules and fixtures, super mirror corrosion resistant precision molds, such as rubber molds, camera parts, lenses, watch cases, etc.

▲GMT- Emperor Steel > 0.5 ~ 2.4mm HB~200 iron mold, shoe mold, soft steel welding, easy engraving, S45C, S55C steel repair. The texture is fine, soft, easy to process, there will be no porosity, preheating temperature 200~250℃ after the heat temperature 350~450℃.

▲GMT-BeCu (Beryllium Copper) > 0.5 ~ 2.4mm HB~300 high thermal conductivity copper alloy mold material, the main addition element is beryllium, which is suitable for plastic injection molding mold insert, die core, die casting punch, hot runner cooling system, heat conduction nozzle, blow mold overall cavity, wear plate and so on. Tungsten copper materials are used in resistance welding, electrical discharge, electronic packaging and precision mechanical equipment.

▲GMT-CU(Argon Welding Copper) > 0.5 ~ 2.4mm HB~200 This welding branch is widely used for welding electrolytic sheet, copper alloy, steel, bronze, pig iron, and general copper parts. Good mechanical properties, can be used for copper alloy welding repair, can also be used for welding steel and pig iron, iron joint.

▲GMT- Oil steel welding wire > 0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 52~57 punching die, gauge, drawing die, punching punch, can be widely used in hardware cold stamping, hand decoration embossing die, etc., general special tool steel, wear-resistant, oil cold.

▲GMT-Cr Steel Welding wire > 0.5 ~ 3.2mm HRC 55~57 punching die, cold working forming die, cold drawing die, punch, high hardness, high toughness, good wire cutting. Warm up before welding repair. After welding repair, please do after-heat action.

▲GMT-MA-1G >  1.6~2.4mm, super mirror welding wire, mainly used in military products or highly demanding products. Hardness HRC 48~50 maraging steel series, aluminum die casting die, low pressure casting die, forging die, punching die, injection mold surfacing. Special hardening high toughness alloy, very suitable for aluminum gravity die casting mold, gate, extend the service life of 2~3 times, can make very precise mold, super mirror (gate repair welding, the use is not easy to heat fatigue cracks).

▲GMT- high speed steel welding wire (SKH9) > 1.2~1.6mm HRC 61~63 high speed steel, durability is 1.5~3 times of ordinary high speed steel, Suitable for manufacturing and processing high-temperature alloy, stainless steel, titanium alloy, high-strength steel and other difficult materials of cutting tools, welding broach, hot working high hardness tools, molds, hot forging die, hot stamping die, screw die, abrasion resistant hard surface, high speed steel, punching tools, cutting tools, electronic parts, thread rolling die, die plate, drill roller, roller die, compressor blade and all kinds of mold mechanical parts ... . After the European industrial level of strict quality control, high carbon content, excellent composition of the internal organization of the material uniform, stable hardness, and wear resistance, toughness, high temperature resistance, etc... . The properties are better than the general materials of the same grade.

▲GMT- nitriding parts welding repair wire > 0.8 ~ 2.4mm HB~300 is suitable for nitriding mold, parts surface repair.


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