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Continuously build a world-class iron ore mixing and distribution center

On the morning of September 27, Liaoning Port Co., Ltd. and Rio Tinto Mining Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation framework agreement in Dalian to further expand the new model of iron ore business and supply chain service cooperation, and jointly build a world-class Northeast Asian railway The ore mixing and distribution center has added strength to the construction of Dalian’s Northeast Asia International Shipping Center.

The “bonded screening + international transfer” business is a brand-new business model developed by Liaogang Group based on the successful operation experience of “bonded blending”. It is also the first time that Rio Tinto Group sells iron ore products to Korean steel mills through a Chinese port. The first batch of 72,000 tons of “bonded screening” ore arrived at Dalian Port on September 25 and will be transferred to South Korea after screening is completed.

Hebei Huaxi Special Steel Ironmaking Project successfully tapped blast furnace

On September 25, the blast furnace of the Hebei Huaxi Special Steel Ironmaking Project successfully tapped iron. Hebei Huaxi Special Steel Ironmaking Project is located in Haigang Development Zone, Tangshan City, Hebei Province. The main construction content is a 2,300 cubic meter blast furnace and its supporting public and auxiliary facilities. The project is an important part of the “steel town” in the Tangshan Seaport Development Zone. After the project is completed, it is expected to achieve annual sales income of 8 billion yuan, tax payment of 1 billion yuan, and employment of 2,000 people.

Maanshan Iron & Steel joins hands with Baosteel to achieve synergy in the field of special steel

In early August, 2500 tons of 42CrMo blooms of special steel from Japan Baohe Trading Co., Ltd. arrived at Changshu Port 20 days in advance, and successfully arrived at Ma’anshan Port on September 14. This successful arrival in Hong Kong is another example of China Baowu’s internal coordination and cooperation. Since the beginning of this year, Maanshan Iron & Steel’s marketing system has increased the utilization rate of production capacity through the purchase of steel billets, and obtained high benefits through high efficiency. With the help of China’s Baowu family’s steel ecosystem platform, Maanshan Iron & Steel has successively purchased surplus billets from Taiyuan Iron and Steel and Egang, and implemented the mission of jointly building a high-quality steel ecosystem with practical actions, making “1+1>2” a reality.

Angang International Trade became a pilot enterprise for the facilitation of foreign exchange receipts and payments in trade

Recently, Anshan Iron and Steel International Trade Corporation was approved as a pilot enterprise for the facilitation of foreign exchange receipts and payments in trade, and also became the first enterprise in Liaoning Province whose re-export trade was included in the scope of facilitation of foreign exchange receipts and payments. Facilitation refers to the fact that the pilot enterprises enjoy the convenience of optimizing document review, exemption from registration of overdue foreign exchange returns, and exemption from verification and payment of foreign exchange declaration forms on the basis of ensuring that the transactions are true, legal, reasonable and logical.

South Korean steel company POSCO Jiangsu Stainless Steel Plant temporarily suspends production due to power cuts


A senior official from the South Korean Embassy in China stated on September 27 that due to China’s electricity curtailment policy, South Korean steel giant POSCO’s Pohang stainless steel plant in Jiangsu has temporarily suspended production and is expected to resume operations in early October.

This round of dual control steel production lines in Jiangsu Province has affected 70% of the area
On September 26, the Jiangsu Iron and Steel Industry Association and the Jiangsu Iron and Steel Service Industry Association jointly held a symposium on the supply and demand situation of the steel market to analyze the impact and impact of the “dual control” of energy consumption in Jiangsu on steel production enterprises and operating companies And evaluation. It is reported that this round of “dual control” steel production lines in Jiangsu Province has affected 70% of the area. It will be difficult to fully recover before October 7, reducing the supply of steel by about 3 million tons. Although it is not enough to cause market shortages in the short term, it has a serious impact. The normal production and operation order has been established.

Liaoning issued an orange warning for power shortage, and there is still a risk of power cuts after orderly use of power

According to the Liaoning Daily News on September 28, the Liaoning Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology requested that due to the large load gap, after the implementation of orderly power utilization, there is still a risk of power cuts. All municipal bureaus of industry and information technology and municipal power supply companies shall issue risk warnings to users who may be subject to power cuts, so as to avoid power cuts that involve production safety, people’s livelihood, and important users.

AFS: The cumulative reduction in the global auto market has reached 8.934 million vehicles

On September 27, according to the latest data from AutoForecast Solutions (AFS), as of September 26, due to chip shortages, the global auto market has reduced production by 8.934 million units, an increase of approximately 576,000 units from the previous week. Among them, the cumulative reduction of production in China’s auto market was 1.814 million vehicles, accounting for 20.3% of the total reduction in production. AFS predicts that this year, the global auto market will reduce production to 10.15 million vehicles.


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