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Ammi To Build First Dedicated Biogas Plant For Steel Industry

On January 28, ArcelorMittal signed a strategic agreement with VOW ASA, a European company specializing in decarbonization technology, to build the first dedicated biogas plant for the steel industry in Luxembourg, replacing the natural gas used to run the mill heater in the steel production process with biogas, while reducing CO2 emissions. The two companies will cooperate intensively in technical engineering and plan to have the biogas plant in operation by 2023. The plant will produce biogas using the patented electrolysis technology “Biogreen” of VOW ASA subsidiary ETIA. This technology directly replaces the natural gas used in the mill heater by heating sustainable biomass, capturing the gas produced during the heating process and reprocessing it into biogas. The process will also produce by-products such as bio-coal that can be used as a direct replacement for coal.

Ammi To Build First Dedicated Biogas Plant For Steel Industry

The Rodange biogas plant will be the first pilot project of VOW ASA’s “Biogreen” electrolysis technology in the steel industry, and it is planned to build similar plants in several European locations to reduce the use of natural gas and CO2 emissions.


“We are very pleased to be working with VOW ASA, where we see great potential for replacing natural gas with biogas in industrial production and where this project can better help us reach our 2050 carbon neutrality target. This project is challenging and groundbreaking in practice, using sustainable biomass to produce synthesis gas for industrial use.” ArcelorMittal Chief Technical Officer Vincent Scholey said.

ArcelorMittal is committed to reducing its CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030 and to becoming fully carbon neutral by 2050. The company is actively pursuing two technologically breakthrough carbon reduction projects as a key means to achieve carbon neutrality, and the strategic agreement with VOW ASA demonstrates that its project plans are actively and orderly underway.


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